Jetpack Thruster Bodies (Digital Download)
Jetpack Thruster Bodies (Digital Download)
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Jetpack Thruster Bodies (Digital Download)

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Introducing our first ever free digital offering to the community - Jetpack Thruster Bodies

This digital download includes STL's for both the left and right-side Jetpack Thrusters.  These Thruster Bodies are fully compatible with our Definitive Original Trilogy Thruster Greeblies and make installation of these parts effortless.  They have also been designed to be a direct drop-in replacement for the Denuo Novo Jetpacks and accommodate an M6 threaded rod to attach using the hardware included with the DN kit.  Metal greeblies that these Thrusters have been designed to utilize can be purchased here:

**These files are for personal use ONLY, NOT for profit or to be referenced by another maker for their own commercial projects.  We also ask you to please be respectful of our work and not to redistribute it.  If you are a maker or vendor who would like to discuss using these models in your work, please reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss!**

Authorized Vendors:
-Neo Prop Shop

If you do not have the ability to 3D print your own parts and would like to purchase completed parts from a reputable vendor, the vendors listed above are authorized to offer 3D prints or casts of these models.